Network Connector, Volume 1, Issue 7; October 2014

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Volume 1, Issue 7; October 2014
The Leadership Summit is Here!

Congratulations Villagers! You have taken the first step towards your goals. The 90 Day Challenge has officially begun! There were a total of 75 Participants in the 2014 Vital Village Network Leadership Summit who brought their professional and personal skills to create a unique atmosphere of learning and of community.

Over the course of two days, participants covered PDSA Cycles, Facilitative Leadership as well as reflected on their HeartSet & MindSet in relation to the work they do. Villagers are already sharing resources, information and strategies on the BigTent Platform and we are excited to see the fruits of their labor.we will continue to motivate each other and work collaboratively to plan and test program improvements, measures and success!

This is truly a collective effort and we are grateful for the support the entire network has shown in connecting with one another and in tapping into our resource. Follow our story on













Remember, HeartSet & MindSet.

2014 Medical Legal Partnership (MLP) Conference

The Medical-Legal Partnership hosted their 5th Annual Conference; "Social Determinants of Health: Emerging Strategies of an Evolving Healthcare System." Speakers, panelists and participants all did an admirable job tackling difficult questions around health equity, community empowerment and patient advocacy. Network Partners JoHanna Flacks, Suzeth Dunn, Randi Ellingboe, Roxanne Reddington-Wilde, Ayesha Rodriguez and Monalisa Smith served as panelists on "Developing a Peer Advocate Roundtable: The Vital Village Experience". This was part of the "Patients as People" track.

The panelists reveled much insight as they shared their own experiences engaging community members around efforts to build capacity in caregivers and leaders and their challenges in fostering effective decision making. Vivien Morris and Dolores Acevedo Garcia were also among the Panelists in a different forum discussing Health Equity in Massachussetts: Beyond Biology, Beyond Interpreters, Beyond Insurance. All in all, it was a thought-provoking series. Congratulations once again!

Congratulations to
The Boston Promise Initiative on the launch of their new website!
You can find it here:
Learn more about their work to support stronger schools and families, the Dudley Village Campus and their recent Promise Fest Event!
Orchard Gardens also launched a community resource website!
Granny Smith is a tool that Orchard Gardens hopes will connect more families to resources and programs. It also provides educational information that can help families make better decisions for their children and
themselves. visit the website here:
Spread the word!

Moving Forward in Research...
Vital Villagers Meghna Nandi, Dr. Neena McConnico and Stefani Harvey travelled to Dallas where they Attended a training on using the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS™) 
They have been working on conducting a formal evaluation of the implementation of trauma-informed practices into classrooms at OGPS in the hopes of improving the school's ability to meet the needs to children exposed to trauma. They believe that the CLASS tool will be useful in determining and measuring changes in classroom environments once educators are informed in trauma-sensitive classrooms. We look forward to seeing the CLASS Tool in action!
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Vital Village Network Connection Meeting
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Mark your Calendars!
11/05/2014 - BigTent Leadership Summit Forum discussion 12:00PM- 1:00PM:
11/10/2014 - Vital Village Network Connection Meeting
11/21/2014- Working With High Risk Dads, Children's Trust. @10AM (more info here)
Dr. Neena McConico, Director of the Child Witness to Violence Project at BMC discusses Domestic Violence Awareness: Kids Witnessing Abuse with the Huffington Post. How does growing up in an abusive home affect innocent bystanders? Watch the discussion here.
One Week into The Leadership Summit!
Dates to Remember:
12:00PM -1:00PM
To dial in call +1(872) 240-3412
Access code: 420-232-372
Group Message Board
All day on BigTent
Health Equity: Learn More
If you would like to learn more about strategies to overcome disparities in healthcare, start by checking out the CDC's guide on "Promoting Health Equity: A Resource to Help Communities Address Social Determinants of Health" Here!
First Teacher is commencing their first full year!
Their long-term goal is to ensure children enter K1 or above grade-level in literacy, skills and general school readiness.
Fathers Uplift
Charles Daniels shares his Fatherhood Journey in:The birth of a Father!
How can we improve the lives of young children in Boston?
Share and the Parent Engagement UPK Survey! There are over
1600 participants but we need our communities to participate too! The survey is available in multiple languages.

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