Social Justice Mediation Program (SJMP)

The Social Justice Mediation Program (SJMP) aims to build the capacity of our neighborhood by training community members in conflict resolution skills that can be used at home, in the workplace, in schools, and beyond. We hope that reducing conflict and creating trauma-sensitive environments will ultimately help our children, families, and community thrive.

What is social justice mediation?
Mediation is conflict resolution process that can help one navigate disagreements, improve communication, appreciate different points of view, and develop understanding. Social justice mediation seeks to mediate while acknowledging any underlying social identities, power, privilege, and vary backgrounds impact a situation.

Social Justice Mediation Institute (SJMI)
This annual training is co-hosted with Leah Wing and Deepika Marya, two facilitators from the Social Justice Mediation Institute. Participants earn a certificate and are ready to mediate for our program after completing 40 training hours of lecture, discussion, and activities. Since 2014, nearly 100 community members have participated.

Check out SJMI 2019 training data summary here.

2023 Social Justice Mediation Training Applications are Now Open! 

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Community Mediation Services
We provide free mediation services to the community.

The goal of our model of mediation is to reach a greater understanding on both sides. We believe that many conflicts come from the breakdown of effective communication. Our goal is to hear and pay attention to underlying stories within a conflict and to navigate towards a place of understanding. SJMI-certified mediators facilitate the process with participants at the core of decision making. We offer participants the option to design a mutually acceptable agreement together. All participation is voluntary and participants can choose to discontinue services at any time.

Learn more on our handout. Online request forms are available here.

Refresher and Special Topic Sessions
Refresher Sessions are an opportunity to practice social justice mediation skills with others role plays. Special Topics Sessions are an opportunity to learn from guest facilitators leading sessions that are relevant to SJMP work. Both opportunities are open to SJMI and non-SJMI trained community members.

Community Champion Leaders and Co-Directors of SJMP: Latoya Gayle, Anusha Chaitanya, and Jasmine Lee

Co-Director and Mediator Bios


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