Leadership Summit 2018 Feedback

The Vital Village Network Leadership Summit is an annual convening where caregivers, families, educators, clinicians, organizers, and service providers come together to uplift and strengthen community driven strategies and build meaningful partnerships to improve child wellbeing.  Since 2010, Vital Village has fostered partnerships between residents and organizations aimed at improving the capacity of Boston communities to promote child wellbeing and prevent early life adversities.  

Vital Village hosted the 5th Annual Leadership Summit in November 2018.  The focus covered Civic Engagement, Criminal Justice Reform, and More Than a Story.  The participant feedback is shared as below.

Participant Feedback

128 participants attended to build connections and be inspired by amazing entrepreneurs, experts, and community champions who were making a difference in the Boston community and beyond. 99 participants (77%) provided feedback.


Shout outs:

 “The continuity continued to developing a story to get community action. Very dynamic speakers! Stimulated lots of ideas for our work. Liz Miranda! Hope, inspiration and joy from hearing her story and message. Thank you!”

“I always appreciate the opportunity to fellowship with other folks who are interested, dedicated to, and working to actualize social justice. Thank you all for your hard work and time in putting this day together. I was happy to be a part of it."



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