Pilot Young Adult Survey Boston Public Schools (BATA)

2013 Preliminary Statistics from BATA Young Adult Survey


These findings are based on a brief, anonymous, survey of health conditions, health seeking behavior, health care needs, major life events and stressful life experiences, social relationships, and attitudes about fatherhood among a group of young adult male students (ages 21 years old and older) at the Boston Adult Technical Academy (BATA). Data was collected in 2013.

BATA is a part of the Boston Public Schools. We intend to use this pilot data to create a trauma-informed young men's health curriculum with components on preparation for adulthood and fatherhood.

The study helped inform a program to help young men prepare for adult roles and address history of trauma and estrangement.


Demographic backgrounds of the survey participants. 

Health & Well-being

Survey results on health and well-being 

Health Risk Behaviors

We asked questions about their health risk behaviors

Exposure to Traumatic Life Events and Discrimination

Relationship with Father Growing Up

Perspective on Fatherhood Among Young Men with Children

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