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Servant Leader - Dominique Bellegarde

Keith Arnold
By Keith Arnold

In December of 2022, Dominique Bellegarde was awarded the Servant Leadership Award for her unwavering and exceptional service to the Boston community to promote family wellbeing. 

Miss Dominique Bellegarde is one of four daughters to Haitian immigrants who came to America “to have a better life.” Being raised in Boston surrounded by Haitian culture and speaking Haitian Creole, Dominique developed a nurturing, supportive role within her family and local community. She tutored her cousins, worked as a nanny, became a lifeguard, and has always focused on the wellbeing of children and families, even as a child herself. And she not only fell into a role of service, but has always wanted to serve others, as exemplified by her childhood aspiration to become a teacher or a nurse.

Miss Dominique Bellegarde is inspired by her role as a mother to be an example for her children. She is a person of her word, making things happen using her send of purpose and people skills to continually serve others. She said she doesn't want her aspirations to die with her, but to leave behind a legacy of open love.

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The Light

Zoe Miller and Tiara Murphy
By Zoe Miller and Tiara Murphy

This week, we are so excited to share an interview with the wonderful Tiara Murphy! We are so grateful to her for sharing her story with us, and with all of you.

Name: Tiara Murphy

Title: Mom, Early Education Specialist, Playgroup Coordinator

Organizations: Mattapan Family Engagement Network; JumpStart


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Supporting Success in Breastfeeding and Beyond: Collaborations that Connect and Engage

Morgan Brockington
By Morgan Brockington

Vital Village 90-Day Challenge SUCCESS:  The doors have opened to a free drop-in breastfeeding group in Mattapan, resulting from a collaboration between 7 Vital Village Network Partners and championed by three emerging leaders in our village.  Learn more about this innovative and cost-effective model that supports caregivers and helps children have a healthy and successful start

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